Below is some of the documentation and ideas that came out of the FutureMusicLab sandpit sessions at Creative Capital, Canary Wharf.

Mapping the Ecology

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Brainstorm of Ideas

Cross Platform Production – mobile, web, phones

Public access to huge bandwidth

Music & Motion Capture

New types of cross artform content


Explore localization of content and services

Cross-experimental test bed for technology development – Wales

User Interface testing

Interactive music systems and formats

Establish reputed student broadcast service

Collaborative real time creative spaces – shared tools and audiovisual experiences, chat, playlists, remixes, etc

Playlist builder that switches between online + offline live & recorded material – can also sync with calendar

Projects linking to BRIC

New instruments – (engineering)

Research and develop new rich media, open formats.

R&D of future formats – games interactive cross media

Royalties and clearance – Simplification of rights

Designing a new strategy for music education

Collaboration of tools / groups /Platforms /Events

IP Forum + development + Policy lobby

University live network – Union and Ad driven

Making content and IP / Archives available

Trend defining

Public Thought

Access to huge network of student for crowdsourcing

Industry / company specific training

Improved and structured work placements + internships

A single interface

User interface research

API for research data

Journey of incubation

Methods of notation

Advertorial Edutainment

Build collaboration and remix platform

Curative music history discovery

Recommendation and Filtering

Audience Research

Research into Legality as an “added value”

Revenue Models

Network collaborative composition

How is data consumed on networks

Relative value of personal and aggregation data

Develop marketing tools and content for soundcloud users

Integrate soundcloud into instruments and hardware.

Filtering the ideas

Experimental design and data analysis

Skills and training of digital business

Responding to increased competition in the space

Geo mapping of meta data

University students for skills and labour

Real time collaboration across a multitude of devices / platforms

Development cycle – Rapid prototyping / User testing / developers / Training

Pedagogic development that aids widening participation

Opportunity recognition / Global trend spotting

Thought leadership

Develop new printing technology for dizzyjam

Sustainable licensing frameworks

Overcoming inertia in large organizations

Finding Hot filters

Finding Partners / collaborators / contractors

Responding to specialization – help with structure of business, identifying strengths / how to diversify etc.

Incubating new ideas out of a developing business model

Continued R&D feedback partnerships