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Bannau + Jauge – European Tour

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FML @ Mutek

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Really lovely 15mins spent on this and so simple… have fun, Andre.

Digital Britain debate

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There’s a lot that’s to be expected in this article, although it’s surprising that there’s still no intelligent move towards the distribution of digital content. Bradshaw’s comment that filesharing is “tantamount to theft”, reveals a complete lack of understanding of what needs to happen to the supply chain – a more joined up reltionship with [...]

It really isn’t downloads that are the problem

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Really like what this article is saying It’s becoming more and more obvious that a music industry that is based on the sale of linear / one way entertainment items is not only becoming more and more difficult to maintain, but a stupid idea in the first place Music needs to be taken out [...]

Bill Gates: Free Culture advocates = Commies

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Just saw this – Makes for interesting reading, particularly in view of the move towards setting up a Welsh Creative Commons – Welsh Creative Commies?

Quick facts of the future from Jeremy and Gerd

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Thought you all might be interested in this blog post, made up of nuggets gleaned from Jeremy and Gerd’s talks at Creative Capital.

Phorm and deep packet inspection – Email reply from Phorm PR

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Carl Morris here. During the sandpit session at the Creative Capital event in London, we mapped the music business “ecosystem”. Our aim was to take a broad view and figure out the technological, social, cultural, economic, legal and other forces affecting the future of the music business. Our discussion touched on data collection by private [...]

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FML Flickr

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Photos and Capture of FML Sandpit sessions

Gerd Leonhard’s Presentation

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Creative Capital Presentation View more presentations from Tom Land.