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In collaboration with MUTEK, FML will be presenting 3 workshops and new music at FutureEverything in Manchester on 13th of May 2011.

ELECTRONIC The PocketSynth Workshop, INTERACTIVE MAX MSP Workshop, REACTIVE RJDJ Workshop. Please contact kevinmoore@futureeverything.org to book a place on one of the workshops.
New Music from Ben White, Jamie Thomas, Smoo, Tim Land.

FutureMusicLab – Dialogue

FutureMusicLab is a network of artists, developers, entrepreneurs and research students based within the Newport School of Art, Media and Design at the University of Wales Newport. FML hosts applied research projects, creative labs and new music events that focus on interactive music within the emerging digital ecology. The Lab specialises in convergent media, digital tool developments, interface design, and new music and media content

Artist projects are diverse in nature stemming from sonic art performance through to interactive installations based around electronic music. The skill set of the FML artists are such that these happenings offer features such as workshops and hacks encouraging interaction and contribution from others to make the event and network evolve. Events are immersive experiences with technology and sound encouraging dialogue between audiences and participants in electronic music.

In collaboration MUTEK with FML will be presenting 3 music focused workshops in the ECAS kitchen on 13th of May:

12pm – 5pm ELECTRONIC The PocketSynth Workshop

12pm – 2pm INTERACTIVE MAX MSP Workshop

2pm – 5pm REACTIVE RJDJ Workshop

Please contact kevinmoore@futureeverything.org to book a place on one of the workshops.

12pm to 5pm — The PocketSynth Workshop: Join the CMOS Revolution!

Places available : 10 (book through festival)
Prior Knowledge: NONE (workshop will include soldering)
Bring: Small plastic container such as ice cream or margarine tub (see www.futuremusiclab.com/futureeverything)

Participants of the workshop will be building a simple synthesizer to their own specification based on CMOS technology. Participants will be given the opportunity to experiment with different electronic components, which will allow them to directly affect the sound of the synthesizer. Participants will also be able to experiment with some simple alternative control inputs such as light and touch.

Workshop Facilitated by Aidan Taylor

Aidan is researcher and practitioner based in South Wales and England. He is engaged in a wide variety of musics and approaches to music composition, and for the past couple of years has been developing his own music instruments. His work involves developing new music software, GUI and hardware interfaces for performance and distribution

12pm to 2pm — MAX MSP and Jitter Workshop

Places available: 10 (book through festival)
Bring: Bring a 10 second video of someone or something talking

This workshop will use MaxMSP to create a small interactive audio visual app. Using short video clips and microphones, participants will be making things talk. Complete beginners to experienced max users welcome. Sign up for a space with a computer or turn up with your Macbook.

Workshop Facilitated by Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson builds interactive audio and visual hardware and software. He uses MaxMSP, Arduino, Processing and Flash to produce his work, which can take many forms. From live performance software and useful apps to wireless midi controllers and large installations, Matt’s work always has a strong focus on play.

2pm to 5pm — RJDJ Workshop

Places available: 10 (book through festival)
Bring: SOUND CLIPS / SAMPLES (ideally have the same BPM & key) see www.futuremusiclab.com/futureeverything

Participants will be producing reactive / generative iphone / iPad apps to interact with surroundings, touch, movement and remixing existing audio.

Workshop Facilitated by Rich Hemming

Rich Hemming is a reactive music producer currently working with record labels reactifying signed artists audio in reactive format on iPhone and iPad. Recent projects include Netsky (Hospital Records) and artist DJ Krust (Full Cycle).

5pm to 7pm SOUND AND MUSIC brought to you by:

Alex McHattie (Smoo)

Alex McHattie composes music using found sounds, computer sequencing, live instrumentation and defunct objects. Alex seeks to consider the ever-present noise of modern city living, meaning hiding place his assumed alias ‘Smoo’ represents a Lo-Fi sonic retreat through which to escape. His current project focuses on the re recording of sounds and video pieces, in order to heighten the noise elements implicit within all recording and monitoring of the world.

Ben White

Ben focused on the integration of natural sound into music practice through digital processes. Of particular interest are the sounds of urban environments and the machines they contain.

Utilising purpose built software, field recordings are employed as automating bodies in which to house sounds foreign to them. With this process musical ideas are refracted through an aural snapshot of the city, whilst an imaginary resonance is given to it.

Jamie Thomas

Jamie is a musician who builds interactive software interfaces for performance and installation. Using motion capture techniques, his work explores the body’s role in expressive sound production through placing the body at the center and focus of the interaction.

Tim Land

Tim Land’s past experience involves work with Audiorom, collaborating with the expanding arts collective and composing music and sound design for various interactive projects. He has also produced music under the artist identity ‘Landslide’ producing albums for Hospital records and OM records along with EP’s singles and remixes for numerous labels worldwide. As a DJ Tim was a pivotal resident at the seminal club FWD helping to shape proto-dubstep and its many derivatives. He has also performed extensively as a member of the award wining live band ‘London Elektricity’

With a background in dance music aesthetics and rhythmic mutation his current work deals with the borders of rhythmic and metric perception.

AV and Installation

A collection of AV and interactive audio works from Keir Doherty, Matt Jackson, Aidan Taylor, Guy Evans, Kiel Long, Andre Ktori and Chris Bennewith.

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